Buragti Quinoa

Burgati Quinoa Hair Serum is designed to repair, protect, and condition all hair types. Our unique formula contains hydrolyzed quinoa, a nourishing superfood that will detangle, enhance shine, and retain moisture after only one use. Add Burgati Quinoa Hair Serum to your hair care routine for optimal hair health and gorgeous glossy locks.

Hair Serum Benefits:

  • detangling
  • improved shine
  • ease of wet and dry combing
  • softening
  • binding moisture to the hair
  • soothing irritated scalp


Introducing Burgati Quinoa, a plant-based protein for your hair.

Burgati Quinoa Hair Serum is especially efficient in protecting and restoring your hair’s keratin and replenishing its daily good health. It strengthens the core of each hair shaft with a mega dose of protein while adding gloss and vitality without weighing it down with its oil content. Your hair will instantly look and feel healthier and extraordinarily shiny.