Hair Care: Nutrients For Hair Growth

Hello Beautiful! Today we’re talking about the best ways to treat your tresses. With winter in full-swing, our hair is more susceptible to becoming dry and brittle. Make sure to treat yourself with these three nutrients to give your hair the TLC it needs.

1) Protein. 

Did you know higher protein intake promotes keratin production? Keratin is an essential ingredient for strong locks. Protein can be found in chicken breast, nuts, and our favorite – peanut butter (check out our 4-ingredient no bake peanut butter cookie recipe here!)

You can also stimulate hair growth by applying keratin directly to your locks. Our shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner all contain the nourishing ingredient.

2) Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is known to play a significant role in collagen production. Collagen helps renew the cells associated with maintaining elasticity and strength. Foods high in Vitamin C include oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. And guess what? You guessed it…we made sure to include Vitamin C in our hair care trio as well!

3) Biotin.

Biotin plays an important role in hair growth as it is helps build protein. You can find biotin in eggs, almonds, and whole grains. It is also available as a supplement at your local Whole Foods.

Because we are passionate about honest self-care, our hair care products are filled with vitamins that your hair needs, especially during this season! Learn more here and let us know what your favorite hair care tip is!