Giving From The Heart: Hair & Care

This is the third installment of our Giving From The Heart blog series! We are so excited to have such a meaningful partnership with Place of Hope, a beautiful organization that provides invaluable resources to children and families in need. From providing family-style foster care & maternity care to safety for victims of domestic minor…

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Giving From The Heart: Place of Hope

We love the holiday season because it is all about celebrating the beauty around us and giving back. As we prepare for the new year (and launch of an exciting new hair product!) we’ve been thinking about ways to continue giving back after the holiday season is over. “Our goal is to bring awareness to…

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Giving From The Heart: Florida Is Our Home

a place of hope charity

We are pleased to be giving back with Place of Hope, a beautiful charity that is dedicated to providing stable, loving, and nurturing environments and support for foster children while in state custody, following family reunification, pre-adoptive placement, and post-emancipation from care. Burgati worked with Place of Hope to put together care packages for victims…

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