4 Summer-Inspired Hairstyles You’ll LOVE

summer-inspired hairstylesWith summer just a month away, we are already looking forward to our favorite hairstyles of the sunniest season! From top knots to natural beach waves, these are a few looks we know you’ll adore:

1. Balayage | This gorgeous highlighting technique is sweeping through salons everywhere. In contrast to a classic ombre´ look, balayage includes darker pieces of hair at the bottom for added dimension.

2. Beach waves | Who doesn’t love an effortless look? Let your hair down at the beach for a natural and summery wave. (Speaking of beach days, our leave-in conditioner is  p e r f e c t  for protecting your locks from damaging sun rays!)

3. Top Knot | We’re obsessed with this look for so many reasons! It’s perfect when you’re in a time crunch, for taming wild tresses, and protecting your scalp from the sun. LOVE!

4. Ombre´ | The ever-classic ombre look is always on trend! We love the dramatic contrast between light and dark tones here. Gorgeous.

Which summer style are you looking forward to trying this season? Share it with us & be sure to find us on Instagram for more beauty inspiration 💙